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Success Stories

Success Stories

Our aim is to provide our clients with a customized practice growth blueprint. By analyzing our clients’ current situations and brainstorming the best course of action through the innovative three-module strategy we have designed, we have managed to get astonishing results for the practices we work with. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We will just let the numbers speak for themselves.

Avenue Dental Group – New Patient Module Success Story

Before working with Zivek, Avenue Dental Group was getting between 30 and 80 new patients per month, depending on the season. This means an average of 55 new patients per month.

What was the strategy for Avenue Dental Group?

The practice growth system we designed for Avenue Dental Group positioned them as the top dental practice in their geographical area. The advanced and strategic conversion tactics we used to convert 7% of traffic to new patients helped strengthen their position.

The result?

After implementing the new patient module, the average number of new patients/month raised from 55 to 80. Avenue Dental Group enjoys a steady growth now and has become an essential practice in their geographical area.

Covington Smiles – Average Yearly Production/Patient Module & Attrition Module

Covington Smiles was making 100.000$ monthly and had an attrition metric of 28% before starting to work with Zivek. The purpose was to lower the attrition number while raising the average production. Since the second and the third module work together for optimal results, we approached these two goals as equal parts of the primary objective: to help Covington Smiles take a step forward in achieving their next million $.

What was the strategy for Covington Smiles?

Firstly, we focused on patient education. By raising awareness towards the importance of oral health for the overall body health, we managed to raise their monthly production. Through a series of intensive staff training and education, we manage to improve the communication between the hygiene and the dental department. At the same time, we worked on lowering the attrition number by making patients loyal to Covington Smiles.

The result?

After implementing the average yearly production/patient module and the attrition module, the monthly production reached 200.000$ (a 100% raise), and their attrition number lowered to 20%. Covington Smiles can boast with a spectacular growth and has now become one of the most appreciated and sought dental practices in their geographical area.