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Module 2

Average annual production
per patient

The next step for your successful practice is to go through the second module of our strategy. This module aims at reaching a 15% increase in the annually average production per patient. That means that if are somewhere near $995 production per patient, the next year you will reach $1144. How can we achieve that?

The strategy focuses on three essential tactics:

  • Creating and distributing to your patients and Educational Program based on Holistic Health and the Importance of Oral Health for Their Overall Body Health. This way, they will perceive you as an expert and become loyal to your practice. Knowledge is power. For you!
  • Your staff will go through a series of trainings where they will learn the subtle conversion psychological tactics. The series of trainings was created based on the newest and most efficient conversion strategies for dental practices.
  • Enhancing the ownership and authority of a particular staff member in order to get the patients involved in their oral health. For example, when a patient comes for a regular clean-up, the hygienist will do more than clean their teeth; they will perform an in-depth mouth check and advise them to book an appointment with you for their problems. This way, for each $1 that goes into hygiene, 1.60$ will result in the dental department.
  • Training your staff to have 98% of your patients scheduled at all times.
  • Teaching you how to build strong relations with your patients and connect with them.
  • Enhancing doctor-hygienist communication.
  • Increasing hygiene production.
  • Promoting comprehensive dentistry

In order to get the patients involved in their oral health, you will need staff that knows exactly what to say to them in order to to convert them. We will teach your staff, and we will teach your patients everything they need to know about their oral health. This module will increase your annual production and take you a step closer to the next million $.