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Module 1

New Patient Module

The strategy of the first module is designed to support the base of your practice: the number of new patients your practice attracts.

In the first module, we will cover the following in order to have a 53% increase in new patients for your practice:

  • Establishing the 3 new patients offers scientifically proven to convert patients (and they don’t include discounts!)
  • Designing a referral system with the know-how to generate 60% more referrals from the new patients.
  • Creating the Unique Selling Proposition for your practice in an intelligent and compelling way – by countering the negative thoughts in the patient’s mind (fear of dentist, cost misconception, etc.)
  • Employing the conversion tactics that turn 5-7% of cold traffic into loyal patients.
  • Analysis and monitoring of the phone conversion rate achieved by each staff member to decide who should be in charge of all the new patients calls.
  • Using brand new strategies to attract patients; strategies designed to suit the 2015 lifestyle and needs

The best part about this first module is that it was created to take into account only high-quality patients. It is also a screening method. A method of determining if a patient is actually interested in their health or is looking for a bargain and will never be loyal.

This way your practice will enjoy a stable, fast and organic growth, and you will take the first step towards reaching the next million $.