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Managed Marketing

Managed Marketing

Think of the Strategic Growth Plan For Your Practice as the blueprint for success. The three modules will allow you to reach the next million $ and take your practice to the next level. But at Zivek we believe in constant development and nurturing. This is why, besides the three modules, we will work every day to make your practice better and larger so that your competition becomes irrelevant.

We call this managed marketing & training. What does it mean? How do we do it?


You need to have a blog on your website, and you need to post high-quality, valuable information continuously. Why? Because this way your patients will perceive you as an expert, as somebody who offers them the information they need and has the right expertise to treat them.

The high-quality blog posts we offer have the purpose of educating your current patients and converting the visitors who come to your website, transforming them into patients.


Website Optimization

Website optimization is the strategy of getting the most out of your virtual space. Today’s patients get most of their information online; this is why you need to have a high-quality website that will direct the visitors towards your practice. We optimize your website to offer your patients the best online experience so that they want so come to your practice.

Advanced Conversion tactics to new patients

Whenever you get a new patient to your practice, there’s always the question if they will return. Your practice may be top quality, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled staff, but, somehow, some new patients fail to respond. This is not your fault. It is simply because they are not converted. Zivek has researched the best conversion tactics that will help you keep the most of your new patients.


Online Reputation Monitoring & Flagging

Your online reputation matters. Nowadays, most of the people get their information online. You do it too. When you want to book a holiday, but a new sofa or go to a restaurant, the first thing you do is search it online and find out what other people who have tried it say about it. It is the same with your practice. When working with you, we will keep a vigilant and constant eye on your online reputation, enhance your credibility and manage whatever crisis may arrive.

Email Campaigns

How you communicate with your patients, both online and offline is a crucial factor for the growth of your practice. Your email campaigns should be professional, friendly and, most of all, compelling. Zivek will develop a customized email strategy for your practice to suit the particularities of your patients and make them visit you as often as possible. You don’t have to hand out discounts to get more patients. In fact, it is quite the opposite. All you have to do is tell them the right things in the right manner. And this is what we do.


Social Marketing

Your social media pages need to show your current and potential patients that your practice is not a cold, hostile environment, but rather a comfy and friendly one. Social media is your no. 1 ally in the fight of eliminating the fear of the dentist.

At Zivek we don’t believe in “robot” posting just to have some activity on the page. We believe in taking to human beings, as human beings. This is why our social media posts have an extremely high success rate.

Phone Call Analysis

You may not know it yet, but the phone is also a very useful tool for your practice. Well, it’s not the phone, but rather the person in charge of communicating though it.  We will analyze the way your staff speaks to your current and potential patients on the phone, and we will let you know how they can perform better. Zivek will train and teach your staff so that every phone call to your practice means a new patient gained.


Practice KPI's & Quarterly Monitoring (overall practice health)

The overall practice health is one of our most interesting features because no other agency can offer you such a detailed and clear report showing you where your practice stands.  Every quarter we will prepare a detailed report for you so that you can see for yourself what works, what can be improved and what should be your focus in terms of practice management.


24/7 Sales Funnel

Through managed marketing and practice growth modules, we will set up a 24/7 sales funnel for your practice. This means that every minute of the day, the sales funnel is working, and you are getting more patients.  When you are treating a patient, speaking at Congress or spending time with your family, your practice in growing due to the non-stop sales funnel we nurture.