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About us

About Zivek


We believe in the local dental practices. Local dentistry by local dentists is the key because national chains aren’t oriented towards people; they are only oriented towards low-quality profit. The difference between a local dental practice and a national chain is the difference between a true practice (a successful business) and a business (with no soul). Care shouldn’t be only about business in the first place, but about patients.

We do not support national chains because we know that, when it comes to dental care, they treat their patients as if they were charts: not really caring about their health, but about the patients’ wallets. To national chains patients are mere numbers. They are objectified and this is not right.

“Do No Harm” is the Hippocrates oath and national chains are breaking it. Because when people are treated as numbers and care becomes a business in the first place, negligence, lack of empathy and impatience come into picture, eventually leading to harming the patient. Local dental practices have their hearts and minds in the right place, placing emphasize firstly on the patient’s health.

It is in our DNA to support the local dentists against national chains.

We believe that one of the most powerful tools people posses is their smile. The power contained within a beautiful, healthy and confident smile can unlock many doors in life and can ensure the success of a person. This is the reason why we believe Ortho & Dentistry doesn’t only fix smiles; it creates unique opportunities for people to make their lives better. Ortho/Dentistry is life-changing. So it is within our DNA to make sure other people also understand this and choose your practice. Because when they make that choice, they choose a better life.


We also believe that oral health is about the body’s overall health. Everything is related and oral health is deeply connected to the overall body’s health. It is also connected to the psychological well-being because a beautiful smile is empowering; it offers confidence and the psychological resorts to succeed in life.

We are professionals, explorers and creators, always seeking the best option, always seeking valuable insights to help pave the road for you.

It is in our DNA to fight for you and to fight for proper dental care.

Meet the Team

Manny Singh and Paul Singh are both artists and scientists when it comes to branding and positioning. With an experience of more than 15 years in the world of branding and positioning and constantly improving their methods, revolutionizing the universe of advertising and marketing, Manny and Paul decided to put their skills and knowledge exclusively into dentistry.

Both Manny and Paul have been positioning and branding experts for the past 15 years at companies that are among top 500 major fortunes.

When it comes to branding and positioning, Manny and Paul are more than experts; they are creators and explorers and the tremendous know-how they possess is only part of the advantage when working with them; the other part is the unique approach that ensures the success of your practice.

Manny Singh

Director of Client Positioning

Manny Singh worked for Google, Microsoft, REI, Chase and Cobalt, creating the headstone of success for these major brands. By discovering their positioning, building their architecture, supervising the execution and constantly developing them by creating sub-categories with must-haves, Manny Singh is responsible both for the success of major worldwide brands as well as for revolutionizing the branding and positioning universe and, thus, discovering the key of success.


Paul Singh

Director of Visual Identity

Paul Singh worked at Boeing, creating and designing processes that helped both Boeing and many different stakeholders. By using his unique branding and strategy skills, Paul enhanced crucial processes that resulted in the extraordinary image Boeing has today. He also was the managing partner of a retail store chain in one of the most competitive industries. By using his expertise on branding and positioning, as well as his strategic mind for marketing, Paul helped increase the sales of this retail store chain, ensuring its success. He is constantly seeking innovation and, through his vast experience, he has learned not only how to design the architecture of strong brands, but also how to constantly improve them and make them irresistible for consumers.


We are positioning architects

Positioning architects take the time and the strategy to discover your unique positioning that will last you a lifetime, building strong relations with patients based on satisfying their needs. Your positioning remains tattooed into the very core of your practice; it doesn’t fade away, it only becomes stronger. Thus, your patients will not forsake your practice, they will continue to come to you and recommend you based on their positive experience.

We are brand builders and explorers

Brand builders and explorers design tailor-made brands considering the specific strengths of your practice.


By constantly developing a brand, we always keep in mind the promise we made to the patients and how to best deliver it. We build and develop by exploring, not by copying advertising tactics that worked for other brands. After all, each brand has its unique personality so the strategy of promoting it should take into consideration firstly the DNA of the brand and what it stands for.

They tell you to just do it. We say otherwise. We explain you how and why to do it.

As a dentist, you not only provide dental services for patients who are having problems. You are also educating them, explaining to them the importance of following a treatment and what to do in order to take care of their oral health. The same goes with creating and developing a brand.


We educate you in the field of branding and advertising. We tell you exactly why we chose a certain strategy, how it will help you and how you can have consistency by continuing it. We teach you the importance of every action you take in promoting your practice so that you are empowered to build a legacy.

We offer you constant support in building your legacy so that your practice will continuously bring in new patients. We don’t believe in a one-time shot; we believe in success that lasts a lifetime.

Our strategic thinking allows us to approach issues differently. We take an issue and invert it by firstly thinking of what was added to solve the issue. For example, if your practice doesn’t get patients and you have tried a number of marketing and advertising tools, we strip away all those techniques that didn’t work and we invert this issue by learning what to subtract in order to discover a whole new direction that leads to success. This way, by approaching the issue without all the ineffective techniques we invent the simple and efficient solution that solves it.

We are thinkers;
we invent by inverting,
discovering a whole new approach